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Where has all the romance gone?

Is it a bad sign that Sven and I have not even been married for five months, and I’m already blogging about where the romance has gone? 😉 Well, don’t get me wrong, Sven and I have plenty of love – I love him more every day! But romance is another thing entirely, and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the fact that we’re married. The romance didn’t fall off a precipice after we said, “I do” – it’s dwindled gradually over the past eight-plus years we’ve been together. Depressing? Maybe, if you want to look at it that way…but, hey, it just happens.

Then vs. now:

Then: Whenever we spent time apart, we’d write each other plane letters and spend hours on the phone.

Now: We’ll talk on the phone for five minutes before bed.

Then: We’d have sex every four hours.

Now: We have sex every four days.

Then: I’d always wear cute pajamas or sexy lingerie to bed.

Now: I pretty much just mix and match whatever comfy pants and shirts are available in my drawers. I bring the sexy lingerie out on vacation and special occasions!

Then: Sven bought flavored massage oil and would give me massages.

Now: Sven refuses to give me massages, so instead I pay to get them once a month. (And he’s Swedish!)

Then: Sven found my silly mistakes endearing, and he would sweetly always offer to help.

Now: When I do something silly, Sven will either: (1) say it’s “unbelievable,” (2) point and laugh, (3) take a picture of me when I’m down and then threaten to post it on Facebook.

Then: He couldn’t quite articulate all the wonderful things he wanted to say to me in English, so he would speak/write to me in very sexy Swedish (so much fun to translate!)

Now: His English is way too good. I’m sort of impressed at all of the insulting words he’s managed to integrate seamlessly into his vocabulary.

So where has all the romance gone? In our memories of the times when we still tried really hard to impress each other. It does surface occasionally. But not on Valentine’s Day.

You really do reach a point where you just don’t have to try as hard anymore! The key is that hopefully you still like each other when you get there!

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