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Sven makes me lazy

I admit it. I’m guilty of husband-induced laziness. The main problem is that I’m a sucker for cuddling, and I would rather cuddle with Sven above all else. I’d rather cuddle in bed than get up early on a Saturday morning. I’d rather cuddle on the couch than clean my apartment. My productivity reaches all-time lows when I fall into the cuddle trap.

For example, I really should organize my practically-overflowing closet, go to the gym, read more books, write more blog posts…and the the list goes on and on. The weekends pass by way too quickly, and I realize I’ve done very little of these “productive” things, and lots of lazing around with Sven! Sometimes I wish I had more self-discipline…

Sven accuses me of making him lazy, too. He claims he never used to sleep in as late on the weekends before he met me. In fact, as I am typing this, it is after 3pm on a Saturday, and we are both still in our pajamas. (But, hey, I am writing!)

I think we definitely make each other lazy because it’s so easy to just indulge in each other’s companionship. If I’m by myself on a Saturday, I’ll probably go outside and run errands or meet friends pretty much as soon as I wake up. But Sven and I normally spend our Saturday mornings/early afternoons slowly making breakfast, watching TV, and, of course, cuddling.

It’s easy to give ourselves a break and say it’s ok to be lazy sometimes, since our lives are so busy and stressful. But excessive laziness actually ends up stressing me out even more, because I feel like I’m not doing enough things, seeing enough people, etc. The ease of staying in and cuddling together is wonderful while it lasts, but once that laziness-guilt sets in, and we find ourselves blaming each other for becoming lazy, it becomes counterproductive (which is way worse than unproductive)!

…time to get dressed!

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