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New Year’s Goals

champagne-cork-popHere’s that first post of the year where bloggers are digging themselves back out from the holiday break, overwhelmed and under-inspired, so they throw together a lame list of cliche New Year’s resolutions as if you actually care to read about them and call it a “New Year’s post.” Happy New Year, everyone!

In all honesty, I am a little overwhelmed at the start of 2015, but I am not under-inspired. I’m overwhelmed by how inspired I am and how many goals I want to accomplish this year. I also deliberately call them goals instead of resolutions. because to me (and, a resolution implies intent, or a plan, whereas a goal has a clear target in mind. To-may-toe to-mah-toe, you may say…or because no one actually ever says that, you’re more likely saying, “Stop being so literal, it’s patronizing.” But really what you mean is I DON’T GIVE A SHIZ ABOUT YOUR LAME, CLICHE GOALS. Ok so stop reading now. Because it’s about to get cliche-goaly.

You’re still reading. Ok. (Hi, future me!) I’m writing these 2015 goals to hold myself accountable for accomplishing them, because studies show that accountability leads to higher success rates. Or so I’ve heard. Anyway, I didn’t just make up a list of goals because it’s a new year. These are goals I’ve actually been thinking about for a while, and what better time than 2015 to stop procrastinating and finally accomplish them?

Work out in the mornings. Anyone that knows me (especially my colleagues, and Sven) knows that I am not a morning person, and I never have been. I also have to be at work by 7am (no one talks to me before 10am), so working out before work has never really been a viable option to me. However, it’s also impossible for me to have a routine after work because I travel so much, have plenty of after-work work events, and am generally exhausted on the rare days I can actually just be home by 6pm. On the weekends, I sometimes plan an afternoon workout and feel guilty when it doesn’t happen after I’ve been dreading it all day. The constant guilt of missed workouts weighed on me so much that I just stopped putting pressure on myself to work out at all. Did I also mention I hate working out and will pretty much prioritize everything else before it? But now that I’ve stopped working out, I feel crunchy on the inside, soft on the outside, and tired all the time.

Separately, I keep a list of “limiting beliefs” by emailing them to myself when I recognize I have one. Limiting beliefs are beliefs that I’ve come to believe are true, when they might not necessarily be. Because I think they’re true, they’re difficult to recognize and subsequently try to make untrue. Recently, I realized that two of my limiting beliefs were: “I am not a morning person” and “I hate working out.” The missed-workout guilt and my sheer vanity made the light bulb turn on. Why not be a morning person? Just because I’ve never been one doesn’t mean I can never be one. Maybe working out in the morning will make it easier for me to have a routine, remove the “dreaded workout cloud” that hangs over me all day, and relieve me of the guilt I feel when the evening workouts don’t happen, and give me more energy throughout the day. Then maybe I’ll actually like working out! So, ultimately my goal is to bust two long-standing limiting beliefs and no longer let them define me. And to get hotter than ever. But did I mention this means working out at 5AM?

Reinvent my blog and start a business. This goal won’t be as lengthy in explanation as the last one. It’s actually two separate goals that may potentially converge. First, I want to take my writing and blogging to another level. It’s been so much fun writing for the past 3+ years, and I want to keep exploring, innovating, and being inspired. Second, I want to start a business on the side that could potentially be a long-term career. Not in a “I want to quit my day job” kind of way, because I actually really like my day job and think I can have a long-term career doing what I do now. But I’ve also always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I think I should finally stop thinking about it and just do it. The new business may or may not be related to this blog, but either way, stay tuned for an even better My So-Called Perfect Marriage in 2015!

Stop being so damn selfish. My first two goals are completely selfish. This is basically where I telegraph that 2015 is the year I’m going to really try to get over myself and make myself mentally ready for wanting kids (not having kids, wanting them). There will probably be a dedicated post about this later in the year, but having cold feet about it really made me realize I had some mental blockages I needed to get over before I could be comfortable about even trying to start a family. Just like I’m trying to slay my limiting beliefs this year, I’m also trying to slay my selfish beliefs to pave the way for my future child. (Terrifying.) Stay tuned for the confessional.

Ok, those are my three big lofty New Years’ goals. If you got this far, then you must’ve had some faith in me that I actually wouldn’t post a list of lame, cliche goals. Or you didn’t care and kept reading because you are so massively addicted to reading my blog. I’ll admit, my goals are kind of cliche – they basically boil down to: work out more (HOW ORIGINAL!), be vaguely better at something I already do (LAME), and become a parent (DOES THIS REALLY EVEN COUNT AS AN ACTUAL GOAL?). Well then, I guess I could have finished writing this post an hour ago! But I tricked you into reading three additional paragraphs, and for that, I thank you. Seriously though, if I accomplish my aforementioned goals, then it means I’ve managed to overcome some deep-seated mental barriers that I blame my parents for.

Readers, what are some of your 2015 goals? Are your goals associated with crushing any limiting beliefs or mental barriers? Please share!

Happy New Year!


















Maria - 01/11/2015 - 9:42 am

Love the “Limiting Beliefs” concept. At first, I thought I could never work out in the morning, either, until I read this. Maybe I’ll see how it goes with you though before I give it a try 😉 Good luck! And so intrigued about the business idea!

Melanie - 01/17/2015 - 8:47 pm

It’s been two weeks, and I’ve done the morning workouts 7 times so far. I am really liking how it frees up my evenings, and that I don’t have it hanging over my head all day. I have found though that I am immensely more tired by 5pm, but I think I still need to get in bed earlier. So far so good!

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