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How to live life to the fullest?

livelifeslowdownMy big New Years’ resolution is, once and for all, to finally get serious about saving money. I’m almost 30, married, with my whole life ahead of me, but I barely have any money saved up. Sure, New York City is expensive, but I’ve made enough money these past eight years that I should have some lucrative investments by now, or at least enough to buy a place…but I don’t.

On another note, our honeymoon is (finally!!!) just five weeks away, and I’m in serious workout/healthy-eating mode. I work out fairly regularly, but I also eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I joke that the only reason I work out is to support my eating habits.

However, while simultaneously trying to lose a few pounds and save a few coins, I realized I am constantly consuming what I earn – both calories and cash. I know I may seem extremely put-together; I’m very organized, neat, and I really do care about being in shape. But I’ve always tended to live life flying by the seat of my pants, not really planning ahead or thinking about tomorrow.

And now, I am kind of freaking out: this is all going to finally catch up with me! I haven’t saved any money in my 20’s, so now I’m going to have to work harder than ever in my 30’s to be able to support a family.  I’m going to gain several pounds because my metabolism will slow down, plus I won’t be able to afford my expensive personal trainer anymore – nor will I have time for one – because I’ll be working so damn hard to stay afloat! I’m going to regret a decade of reckless spending and eating!

A scary thought: Maybe it’s time to slow down and start planning ahead.

I know that Sven is going to read this and think, “I told you so, but I couldn’t tell you how to spend your money…” He’s been telling me to plan, plan, plan for at least five years. But I was young, immature, reckless, and had no time for planning my future. I was living life – planning my next vacation, shopping spree, using every raise as an excuse to finally buy all of those things I wanted!

I would scoff at those with consistently healthy diets – they don’t enjoy food the way that I do! Sven tells me I could simply eat less food – not because he thinks I need to, but because I just eat a lot of food! (For the record, Sven hates eating.) But curbing my eating habits meant giving up something I enjoy so much, and that’s no way to live life! But by living life now, am I compromising my ability to life my life to the fullest later?

my actual goal - an ocean view

my actual goal – an ocean view

Sure, I could die tomorrow, but I’d say the odds are in my favor to live at least a few more decades. Maybe it’s time to start planning my life – and my meals – for a more sustainable future. I’m sure Sven would be happy to hear that I’ve come to a realization he’s been telling me point-blank for years, but he’ll probably still have to see it to believe it. I tend to always find good reasons to indulge…I love that word…indulge

Sigh, I have no willpower.

What’s your stance on living life to the fullest? Making some sacrifices/prudent decisions for now in order to reap the benefits later? Or living every day like it could be your last and burning what you earn? How do you find a balance? (I’m so glad I found a Sven to give me some balance!)

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