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Danielle & Matt’s So-Called Perfect Marriage

WeillAfter 3.25 years of writing about my so-called perfect marriage, I’m introducing a new segment featuring other amazing, wonderful, inspiring, so-called perfect marriages. What is a so-called perfect marriage anyway? It’s a marriage between two imperfect people who are perfect for each other. It’s been an honor to get a sneak peek into the lives, loves, and conflicts of these super-couples that I truly admire, and I’m very excited to share their perspectives with you. 

This year’s first so-called perfect married couple includes newlyweds Danielle, 32, and Matt, 33. (Or Matthew when the fun-loving Danielle gets into “serious mode.”) I was so excited by how much I agreed with her, that I had to interject with my own comments in blue!

Where do you guys live? Best city in the world, NYC. (Heck yeah!) We live in a wonderful apartment overlooking Madison Square Park and have an incredible view of the twinkling lights of the Empire State Building.

How long have you been married, and how long were you dating before you got married? Eight blissful months of marriage. We actually attended the same high school, though we never dated, but always knew of one another. When we “re-met” 10 years later at a sports bar, we dated for 1 ½ years before we got engaged.

How long did it take you to know he was The One? What was it about him that made you know? I literally felt myself gravitating towards him at the bar, there was this intense unspoken bond that was formed the second I saw him, and I knew I was in trouble (or should say that he was in trouble, lol). He was sincere, a gentleman and put me first; something that I didn’t realize I was missing from previous relationships. He captivated my heart. (:::chills:::) 

What do you both do for a living, and how does this affect the dynamic of your relationship? I work in marketing for a cosmetic company, and Matt is an M&A lawyer for a boutique firm. Matt and I couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to our professions, but I think that’s what is so interesting about our relationship, we have common ground when it comes to what we both want and need out of life.

Sleep, sex and shower (as I call it the 3 S’s) are very important to us. If you think about it, you are doing 2 of the 3 things every day  ;). When it comes to chores, I prefer to do anything apartment-related. I can be somewhat of a neat freak and like when things are a certain way. Matt is the opposite, it doesn’t bother him if the pillow isn’t in the correct place before departing work. I literally can’t get in the elevator knowing if it’s not angled in the corner of the couch (I have issues, I know) (I TOTALLY GET YOU! I am the exact same way, Sven thinks I am insane. Note to self: Future blog post). Matt will do the laundry, dry cleaning, etc. Overall we divvy up the work evenly, its only fair.

When it comes to money, Matt likes to call himself the CFO, which I thank God for! Someone in the relationship needs to be responsible and call me out on my spending. I so appreciate him having our best interests in mind and saving for our future.

Are you and your husband more similar or different? We believe that as a couple we are each other’s priorities first and foremost. (YES YES YES!!!) I think we are constantly challenging one another and wanting to do new things together, it’s what I love most about us. I hope we never lose sight of that as the years of marriage tick away. I don’t see us as being different or having negativity in our lives, if there is something we are VERY good at having open communication and working things out. I think this is so important. I definitely prefer open conflict over festering resentment. 

What is something Matt does that drives you insane or that you wish you could change? A very small thing to be insane about. I can’t stand when Matt hangs his clothes on the closet door knob versus actually putting his clothes in the closet. Otherwise I love him and nothing annoys me (yet).

Is there something you argue or bicker about repeatedly? Rather not say otherwise it will lead to bickering, lol. But this is a blog about marital conflict! Kidding, I totally respect that you don’t want to stir the pot. Apparently, I stir the pot for a living. Ok, not a living, as a hobby. 

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as a couple, and how did you overcome it?  I am not sure we’ve been faced with any obstacles yet, but I know when we are we’ll get through it.

Kids? Take ’em or leave ’em? Take ’em Take ’em Take ’em!!!!

In-laws? Love ’em or leave ’em? Leave em! However much we may complain about each other’s parents, at the end of the day, they mean well, and we need them and love them.

What’s the best piece of marriage advice you could give? I haven’t been hitched long enough to really give advice, but one thing I find and believe that keeps our relationship going is that I find things to fall in love with over and over again. Awww.

What are the reasons that you think you and your husband are perfect for each other? Matt breathed life back into mine. He loved me unconditionally and gave me purpose in life and reason; reasons to be happy, to smile, reasons to laugh at the little things and to appreciate life. I just knew we were meant to be together and that we balanced each other out. I am so lucky that we both have the same morals, that we believe in working hard, but also playing hard (something we both need to grow out of!) (no you don’t!). We are very alike, from our love of traveling, wining and dining, to being with family and friends, and even pushing ourselves everyday to be better and healthier. We have the same intents in our hearts and understand each other without explanation in so many situations.

Plain and simple he is my everything. I know what you are thinking everyone says that, but he really is. I love the confidence and security I feel in our marriage, knowing that neither one of us is going anywhere is so comforting and beautiful to me. I can truly and honestly say I have never been happier. :::Wipes tear::: Danielle and Matt, your love is so amazing, and I’m so glad you found each other! Sven and I are honored to call you both our friends <3


If you know any so-called perfect married couples that would be oh-so-perfect for my blog, please send them my way! Contact me.

Jen - 01/28/2015 - 1:29 pm

So cute! Congratulations to them! So many people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but it sounds like they’re killing it!

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