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    I want to get things done now

    Quite a few people have been asking me lately how our beach home hunt has been going. A couple of months ago, I posted about putting an offer on a house, which was accepted…and then un-accepted. The experience definitely sucked some fun out of the experience. Unfortunately, I don’t have any better news. A month ago, […]

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    An update on kids, suburbs, and life in general…

    I don’t even know how to start this post because the fact that I am writing this is terrifying. So, I’ll just come right out and say it: my outlook on having kids has changed in the past year. I used to look at kids as an inevitable reality of life that I wasn’t necessarily opposed to, but wasn’t quite ready for yet. But now, I can say that even though I might not feel ready to pull the goalie for another year or so, if I got pregnant tomorrow, I wouldn’t freak out. Why is this so terrifying to admit? Because I’ve never really wanted kids (not that I ever definitely didn’t want them, but I also never definitely did want them). Now I’m admitting that I’m following the typical path of “get married…have a kid in a couple of years.”

    Kids…take them or leave them

    I don’t like following the path. I like making my own path. There have been plenty of times throughout my life where I have been the first among my friends to do something risky: kiss a boy, travel the world solo, quit my first job. But becoming a parent is one thing where I’m going to have to depend on friends much braver than I to show me that it’s not as scary as it seems. And in the past year, they have.

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    I’m a statistic

    A few years ago, my mom gave me a scale for my birthday. My mom lacks the maternal instincts that make one realize that’s an insulting gift for your daughter. But I was never really one to weigh myself. I primarily used it to weigh my luggage before going on vacation. When the batteries died, […]

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    Why did my single friends stop hanging out with me?

    Someone once told me that your energy changes when you get married. I don’t really know what this means, but apparently it’s the reason that my single friends stopped wanting trying to hang out with me.

    I started noticing this a few months ago. Suddenly, there were drinks, concerts, and nighttime outings that I wasn’t invited to. Even though I knew deep down that the exclusion wasn’t intentional, I became sad that I was losing touch with my friends. Did they no longer think I was fun? Do they think if I go out with them, I’ll just judge their single lifestyle? Or does simply being married put me in a separate database in their brains – one where my name doesn’t come up when it comes to “drinks,” “party,” or “girls’ night out?”

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    A letter to my husband

    Dear Sven, Last week, when I went on a business trip 2000 miles away, it reminded me of the days when we lived an ocean apart and how hard it was to say goodbye to you all the time. Now, I see you every day, and I had forgotten what it feels like to leave […]

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    Office Baby Watch: 2013?!?

    At work, a 33 year-old woman sits next to me. She’s tall, fit, slender…and pregnant. When she broke the news a few weeks ago, I was surprised; I certainly couldn’t tell – and I talk to her every day! Even when I stared at her four-months-pregnant belly, I couldn’t tell whether there was a real […]

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    Post #200! The hottest guy I’ve ever seen…

    I may be biased, but Sven is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. He caught my attention the very first time I laid eyes on him: he walked into my apartment, stood silently at the door for five minutes (he was with a friend who came in to ask us what our plans were for […]

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    Adithi Did It!!!

    Last fall, my friend Nisha told me about her friend Adithi, a fellow blog owner. I’m all about supporting good blogs (especially start-up blogs by friends-of-friends!), so I checked out her blog, Adithi Does It. So what is it exactly that Adithi does? Anything you want her to (almost)! Hers is a concept blog based […]

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    Luckiest girl in the world

    Sven and I have been together for eight years. And living together for five. We definitely act like it at times: when we bicker over what to eat for dinner (or whether or not to eat anything at all). We can get too comfortable with each other, like when I pee with the door open […]

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    Five things I’d NEVER change about Sven

    In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to share a list of five things I’d never change about Sven. But really, I wouldn’t change anything about him (okay, almost anything)! 1. He makes me laugh! I know Sven probably doesn’t strike most people as the funniest guy in the world, but he is, in […]

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    My biggest flaw…and my best accomplishment

    I know that one of my biggest flaws is comparing myself to other people. I guess it’s that whole “the grass is always greener on the other side” type of thing. I’d like to figure out how to train my brain to stop doing this, and if I’m successful, I’ll probably be a lot happier! […]

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    Stage 9: The Engagement!

    This is the ninth (and final!) stage in my series of posts on how Sven and I went from exotic fling to lifelong thing. Seven years and one month after we first met, Sven and I finally got engaged! It was the happiest, most perfect day of my life. But, there was a time that […]

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    New Year’s Resolutions

    Happy New Year!! Sven and I just spent a relaxing New Year’s at Hunter Mountain in upstate NY, and we had a great time. Truth be told, New Year’s is actually one of my least favorite holidays. First of all, there is always all this pressure make elaborate plans, but such plans are usually expensive […]

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    The Very Beginning: In Pictures

    I don’t always find the time to dig up old pictures to correspond to my posts, so I spent a little time this weekend digging for some photos even Sven and I haven’t seen in ages, and I thought I’d share a few interesting ones from our trip to the island of Ko Samet in […]

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    Stage 3: The Post-Fling Reunion

    This post is the third in my series of posts on how Sven and I went from exotic fling to lifelong thing.  Two days after Sven and I said our goodbyes in Bangkok, I got this email: Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 From: Sven To: Melanie Subject: Hej sotnos! (The first o is a swedish o […]

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    Stage 2: The Exotic Fling

    This post is the second in my series of posts on how Sven and I went from exotic fling to lifelong thing. While the first stage of my relationship with Sven occurred before we even met, the second stage began with our paths crossing for the first time in Bangkok. I was studying abroad there through […]

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    From exotic fling to lifelong thing

    Most of my friends didn’t meet Sven until he visited New York for the very first time, nine months after we first met. The one person who actually witnessed the humble beginnings of Sven’s and my relationship is my friend Jen, who was my roommate when I studied abroad in Bangkok. This past weekend, Jen and […]

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