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    I want to be a Swedish baby

    So far, I’ve started 2016 with a week of the flu, followed by a week of pneumonia, which I’m still currently nursing. This means I’ve been in the office exactly 1.75 days this year and inside my 500 square foot apartment for about 8.25…and counting. It’s freezing outside, and I barely have the energy to […]

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    What’s up with Sweden’s “double” beds?

    Have you ever been to Sweden and stayed in a real double (queen size) bed? If so, congratulations, you have accomplished a rare feat. Such beds are hard to find in Sweden, and even Sven doesn’t know why. Most double beds in Sweden are actually two twin beds pushed together. Sven has childhood memories of climbing […]

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    What’s up with Swedes and their Converse??? Swedes have an absolutely inexplicable obsession with Converse. Literally every single time we have Swedes visiting from out of town, the Converse store is a must-stop. And not just for one pair, but a pair for everyone they know. Seriously. They arrive bearing lists of Converse requests. And […]

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