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Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 10.53.54 PMI’m Melanie, a New Jersey-bred girl living in Manhattan with my Swedish husband “Sven.” (That’s not his real name, but it is easier to say, type, read, and remember than his real name.) We’re avid travelers whose paths crossed in Thailand almost ten years ago, which eventually led to the biggest adventure of our lives…marriage. Over two dozen countries and a wedding in Stockholm later, we (still) experience culture clashes, deal with each others’ annoying habits, and…each other’s in-laws.


In short, it’s an upbeat blog about marital conflict. It’s an honest and candid collection of insights into my marriage, leaving virtually no topic off-limits: sex, money, fighting, and  family.

Mainly this centers around our cultural differences, but also spills over into our clashing personality types and contrasting communication styles (which are often traced back to our fundamental cultural differences). How is all of this conflict upbeat? Well, I try (only sometimes successfully) to make it funny. And, at it’s heart, this blog is about love. Sven and I may be completely different at times, but our shared commitment to our love is what keeps us from falling apart.

And…if you’re wondering why I started a blog in the first place, check out my very first blog post.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you! Preferably with words of encouragement, but I’ll take criticism, too. You can reach me by commenting directly on my blog or emailing me at [email protected]. I promise to do my best to respond quickly!

Thanks for reading!

[…] What is the blog about, anyway? In short, it’s an upbeat blog about marital conflict. Mainly this centers around our […]

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