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5 Reasons I’m not a good wife

Following last week’s post about how my dad shaped me into the (good) wife that I am, I received a backlash from Sven who said that it wasn’t really my place to say I was a good wife since only he is my husband and only he can opine on whether I’m a good wife or not.

(By the way, the aforementioned post made it on the homepage of Huffington Post Dads, so I guess some people thought it was ok to call myself a good wife.)

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However, to make it “even,” I’ve asked Sven to opine on a few ways I am NOT a good wife:

  1. I’m cranky in the morning. Like, don’t talk to me or you might regret it cranky.
  2. I have “only child syndrome.” I have a hard time adjusting to other people’s opinions, ways of doing things, etc. I like things MY way!
  3. I try to force him to talk to me when I sense he’s upset or mad, when really he just wants to be left alone. Why can’t I just understand he needs time to cool off?! I should know him by now! (I can’t help it.)
  4. I’m not great with money. I’m pretty useless when it comes to holding back on spending, saving better, and smart investing. Shouldn’t a perk of having a wife that works in finance also be having a wife that can keep the household fiscally tight? (No! I work so hard all day, I like to spend my money and not deal with numbers at home.)
  5. I have a pottymouth. He sometimes tells me, “Hey, your language is offensive.” That’s my Jersey and my dad coming out. #sorrynotsorry

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Maria - 03/31/2016 - 10:44 pm

I like to spend my money, too, lol. You deserve it girl!

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